Thanks to our team of testers and automatizers with long-term experience and know-how, we can cover all automation phases. We take for granted the analysis of requirements, automation design, preparation and parameterization of automation scripts, test running, test evaluation or automation of the scheduling, triggering and test reporting process with subsequent automated reporting of detected bugs to HP QC, Jira, etc.


Nowadays, it is no longer sufficient to analyse the clients´ data only but it is primarily necessary to understand and think over the client needs in order to suggest solutions. If you buy an unsuitable and complicated SW, your employees will find it difficult to work with it. We analyse in order to adjust the system to your processes, not to adapt the processes to the system.

Performance testing

Performance testers with long-term experience are in charge of performance testing. We can cover the whole process of quality performance testing. We can provide you with complex analysis of client requirements, preparation of test designs, preparation of performance scripts, test evaluation and determination of risks and recommendations.

Quality Assurance

We can provide you with complex outsourcing of SW, infrastructure, and application testing. Thanks to the Quality Assurance, you can make sure that your SW will be of a high quality. During the test process, we can guarantee that we always detect more than 90% of all bugs.

SW Development

We can develop tailor-made SW corresponding to your business activities. In terms of development, we are able to cover partial services too by supplementing your already existing products.

Project Management

Based on our long-term experience in the field of IT, we can provide for project management for you, thanks to which everything will be running smoothly, on time, without needless interruptions and unplanned costs.


Do you need outstanding IT specialists for a specific project or for a certain period of time? Our IT specialists are at your disposal.

Products used by our company:

  • HP LoadRunner
  • HP UFT
  • HP QC (ALM)
  • Apache JMeter
  • Atlassian Jira


  • SW Development and Testing
  • Outsourcing
  • Consulting services
  • Project Management
  • Analysis


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